We Own The Afternoon

by Shelly Johnson Broke My Heart

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"we own the afternoon" is finally out: six songs and 25 minutes of daydreaming guitars, fuzzy basses, crazy rythms and a million backin vocals. it is released -again- by stop records. here you have it. soon available for free download.


released March 4, 2012

written, produced, performed by shelly johnson broke my heart.
recorded and mastered by andrea muccioli and ivan tonelli at stop studio, rimini (italy), between august 2011 and january 2012.
andrea: drums, synth, percussions, vocals.
ivan: electric guitars, vocals.
davide: bass, acoustic guitar, vocals.
artwork: ilaria scarpa (ilariascarpa.wordpress.com)
licensed by stop records, march 2012




all rights reserved


Shelly Johnson Broke My Heart Rimini, Italy

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Track Name: Prostitutes
should i stay? should i leave you here?
should i loose myself and make that stupid face?
too late, i can't wash you away.
i will try to hate you more than i can do.

would you like to stay with me and hold me tight?
we do need to sleep entwined.
and when our hearts break we'll be so happy we could die,
and I don't even know why, we'll be alright.
Track Name: John Krasinski
i've spent the last three months sitting on a couch, eating pizza and watching tv series, it was kind of depressing. but today i wanna have a walk, it's a warm sunday morning, january 8th 2012. i see every kind of people, i see old widows, cornershop guys, nuns, there are dogs running free and children playin on the beach.
now i'm at the pier, here the world ends and the waves drag every thought away and i wonder: “what is my part in it?”, “what have they all been through?”
and you told me “i'm scared of death”, and i told you “everyone is”, and sometimes we can't breathe and we can't sleep because we don't know what the future will bring. but i do believe happiness is somewhere out there. i know salvation is just behind the corner, and i know 'cause i've been
waiting, i've been waiting.
i wish i could say something comforting.
Track Name: Black Pop Song
cold sweat all down my forehead, i'd like to settle down in your breast, my hands are shaking, i know we know.
do you mind if i walk you home? “we're both drunk and we look like movie stars”, you crack up with fireworks in your eyes.
and i was wondering: if you let me in, will it snow from the ceiling? will the dark heal you headache?
i won't hate you when you get up, morning drops its nuclear bombs, and i feel like this is the only safe place.
i won't hate you when you get up, morning drops its nuclear waves, and i feel like this is the only safe place.
Track Name: Lonesome Richard
under a red hot setting sun the most beautiful songs are all playin' in your head, you can walk home safe and sound.
lonesome richard, sitting on the bench in the park, with your fuzzy sweaty hair and your favorite t-shirt.
all the kids are having fun and you're not there; you're catching butterflies in the sun with your tongue. make a necklace with their bodies, chase your thoughts, listen to the smiths.
and swallow the words you saved for yourself, no need to fill a notepad with your lame songs. just swallow them, under a red hot setting sun.
the most beautiful songs are all playin' in your head, you can walk home safe and sound.
and the world can't prove you wrong, now you can walk home safe and sound.
Track Name: Alamogordo/Rio Rancho/Las Cruces
when i left home, i was scared. it takes time, i thought it was easier to become part of it, to hide yourself behind a curtain of smoke.

now i wanna forget my family. everything changes, so do we.
here comes my sister the lizard, here comes my brother the
thunder, here my beloved son is running fast.
when the sun rises i hear the heart shaking, at night the snakes are good to me. dust knows no evil and no mercy.

as fast as i can, they will know me, they will know my velocity.
when i look at the sky i see a million chances to be free.
Track Name: Sebastian, The King
let the headache go away, look at us getting older.
look at the people from above, look at the taxi cabs and city lights.

how eager we are to devour all of it!
how beautiful we are when we hit the ground!

sebastian is finally coming home, why don't you stay?
why don't we stay forever and never leave, never go to sleep?